Has anyone taken a super cheap Chinese security DVR with BNC cameras and gotten root? This should absolutely be a thing, so as to close off the OEM to your data and just to customize operation.

Answering my own question Amazon Basics has one for $19.24

...This doesn't sound super crazy now that I say it. Plus it will let the datastore be dramatically reduced in size without the fancy http things I know not about. User could pick a file to download, and save as, and open in local js in fell swoop?

I can use local storage, but the user has to give the js the file handle. No good for thousands of data files. I wonder if js can get a targzip and then read in all the files in that targzip...

Working on a js app that can be bandwidth-limited http hosted or run locally. So I have my datastore as a few thousand .5-10k json files. js can't address local files, though. But I don't want to have to have to maintain 2 separate versions: a 10MB single fat-file local version plus thousands-file http version.

ncdu is ncurses disk usage for hogchecking on terminal without math. Thank you apt-cache search.

Let us forget this history for server name 'eris':
...The "A-net" (Anarchy net) included a server named eris.berkeley.edu. It was all open, required no passwords and had no limit on the number of connects. As Greg "wumpus" Lindahl explains: "it had a wildcard server line, so people were hooking up servers and nick-colliding everyone". The "Eris Free Network", EFnet, made the eris machine the first to be Q-lined (Q for quarantine) from IRC... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet

Barr was provided summary and redaction by Mueller but he released his own bullshit version. media.giphy.com/media/yVFpkizj

I'm living in the boonies, using Viasat, with a truly K2Civ-like 600ms ping. Viasat has its own browser (suggestion to install it always pops up when paying my bill). A fascinating idea just occurred to me, I wonder if they enough buffer on the birds to actually do web caching!

For reference, the earth's land area is ~150 million km^2. So we in the K2Civ biz would call Eris a potential 1-earth land-area-equivalent object. Being conservative. Could be several earths.

The dwarf planet Eris is 16.6 quadrillion tons.

If the mass of a mega-structure (I'm arbitrarily declaring rotating open-air habs 'mega-structures') is 100t/m^2 of land, then Eris can become 160 million km^2 of verdant real estate (also provided it contains enough fissionable material to light & heat the thousands of resulting mega-structures so far out).

Mstdn looks tight. Was looking for a dev-oriented instance but I also have a mega-structures brain worm so I selected your space theme.

So has this been up only since 2019.0325 or is the local timeline limited (or maybe it yacked itself)?

Do you want to build a snowman--I mean rotating open-sky solid-ground park-like cylindrical space hab of several square km?

Eris Social

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