Hahaha, yay! We are resuming development, and the music bug is finally being fixed.

We know about music issues and we're investigating. Please stand by!

Ouch, Discord caused Eris to crash, waiting to reboot.

Looks like we're running into an issue with playing from SoundCloud, we're attempting to resolve this. /cc @TheEpTic

Music ran into an issue, currently rebooting...

Ayy, no issues yet.

@banana's bot keeps crashing from Discord errors.

Woohoo! Eris is back up and running with stability! We're still keeping an eye, so look out for more updates. 🙌

Still running into issues, suspicions that it's on Discord's end are still ongoing.

@banana's guess on downtime: Probably Discord, my bot's been extremely unstable lately and also crashed.

ErisBot is coming back up now! Sorry for the downtime!

Apparently Eris keeps crashing for some shards whilst for others it's down. We're trying to find the cause and a fix to this issue. In the meantime, we apologise for the inconvenience.

Eris should now be back up! Apologies for the downtime, Discord took a wee wee.

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ErisBot has been stable for the last few days! All seems to be well :))

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