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Finally got to coloring this one. It’s probably hard to see but they’re all in different shades of metallics

I have nothing profound to say.
This is unlikely to change.

All major religions and culture-takeovers have adopted local pantheistic godhoods, faerie beliefs, superstitions and generalized world-understandings by rebranding them, or rendering them "insubstantial tall tales"

love it when KDE makes one minor change which causes every single k* package on my computer to be updated

lord help keep me from shitposting on my resume

I think IRL I give off "crazy bastard" vibes

Am I the only one who cried at the end of The Last ?

Am I the only one who is Pro-Climate Change? Face it, most of the people who live less than 10 feet above sea level are assholes anyways.

Upgrading the MediaBox to 19.04, who says I don't have wild Saturday nights anymore?

Facebook has banned several high-profile conspiracy theorists, right-wing extremists and others from its social media platforms, citing a violation of its rules against hate speech.

Okay, this is my third time trying mastodon. I think I’ll stick around this time

Catman is @pwrmnstr’s animal familiar.

Boost if you agree.

Favourite if you think he’s cute.

Fight me if you disagree.

#Catman #catstodon #mastocats #catsofmastodon

well well well, if it isn't my pesky arch nemesis

the third dimension

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