I just finished getting my laptop setup how I like it but my mousepad stopped working suddenly. 😞

@Rob What dist and laptop? I may not be able to help but I will know to beware when buying one.

@Anderlan Ubuntu 18.04 on an Asus Q304U. 1080p touch screen works perfectly, laptop folds into a nice tablet form and the virtual keyboard comes up nicely... only issue is the touch pad *sometimes* goes out and then comes back after using Win+L to lock the screen. Touchpad goes out more so when you plugin a USB device. I'm assuming it thinks it's an external mouse and deactivates the touch pad, but can't be sure. I've done nothing to try and resolve this btw so this could be a simple fix too.

@Rob Does it deactivate physical keyboard & touchpad in tablet form or what?

@Anderlan yea keyboard and touch pad deactivate when you fold it back behind the monitor (tablet mode)

@Rob I got a Surface RT. Windows updates are being a pain.

@Rob Just takes forever to "check for updates". Both task manager on my Surface, and task manager on my computer (which my Surface is connected to, mobile hotspot) are reporting that WiFi usage is (generally) constantly at 0%.

@Rob Tried several factory resets. Remember this is Windows RT 8.1.

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