@fluffy lol @Vim being the #1 choice! 😂

:blobdab: to all the h8ers I chose that electron fuckery by microsoft. It's a nice IDE that keeps things organized + I've found live share to be very nice for collaboration.

oh shit, forgot to import my following list from last instance! I've been wondering why my tl looks quiet lately

@Anderlan good point, and yea they aren't SSDs but they are micro sd's as it's all rpi. I kind of cheaped out on them and now I'm thinking of going with 4 of these off amazon: amazon.com/Samsung-MicroSD-Ada

Great my kubernetes cluster master on the rpi is having a panic at the kernel due to disk failure and I seem to have lost my full gluster array (four systems) due to drive failure on all four systems all on the same day... WHAT THE ACTUAL FLIPPING FUCK??????????

@Anderlan yea keyboard and touch pad deactivate when you fold it back behind the monitor (tablet mode)

@Anderlan Ubuntu 18.04 on an Asus Q304U. 1080p touch screen works perfectly, laptop folds into a nice tablet form and the virtual keyboard comes up nicely... only issue is the touch pad *sometimes* goes out and then comes back after using Win+L to lock the screen. Touchpad goes out more so when you plugin a USB device. I'm assuming it thinks it's an external mouse and deactivates the touch pad, but can't be sure. I've done nothing to try and resolve this btw so this could be a simple fix too.

Yay I spent all night screwing up my sleep schedule!

That's weird. as soon as I plugin a USB thumb drive my trackpad stops working

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